Tips and Tricks How to get the most out of your day at the farm

Tips and Tricks
How to Get the Most out of Your Day at the Farm

Here are some insider tips to get the most out of your visit to our farm!

1. Consider a Bounce Back Pass or Season Pass.

1 corn 1. Consider a Bounce Back Pass or Season Pass.

The singular day pass is already a pretty good deal (you’re paying a mere 34¢ per activity, and that’s if you only do each activity once). But it only takes ONE additional visit for the Summer Bounce Back Pass to be saving you money—you basically get the second visit at half price and any remaining visits for free. The Bounce Back Pass is $30/person for anyone ages 3 and older (kids and adults), and gives you unlimited admission during our Spring and Summer seasons (May 26-September 14, 2018)! As an added bonus, the last day of the Bounce Back pass is also the first day of our Fall Season, so you get to do our legendary flashlight maze if you come on the 14th! This is an especially great deal for local guests, but also handy for out-of-towners who are in Lancaster for the week and want to visit more than once.

It only takes three additional visits before you start saving money with the Season Pass, and with the Family Membership you save even more! A single Season Pass costs $60/person for anyone ages 3 and older (kids and adults), and gives you unlimited admission during the entire season (Spring, Summer and Fall, running from May 26-November 3, 2018)! The Family Membership is four season passes, three of which are assigned with a name and photo and one of which is a “flex” pass that can be used for a different person on each visit.

Purchase Season Passes or Bounce Back Passes here.

2. Avoid the heat of the day when going through the corn maze.

1 flag 2. Avoid the heat of the day when going through the corn maze.

During the summer months, it can get very hot in Lancaster County. Due to the nature of our business, we have few inside locations. Of course we have plenty of trees and tents to provide shade in the Courtyard and Barnyard, but there isn’t much we can do about the corn maze—it is in a field, after all! Since there’s not much protection from the sun in the maze, your best bet is to come right when we open at 10am and tackle the A-maze-ing Maize Maze first! This allows you to get through the maze (or mostly through) before the sun has reached its highest point. Another option is to wait until the sun has started to go down by starting the maze at the last possible moment around 3:30pm, but then you take the chance of running out of time to complete your journey before we close. Whichever you choose, bring a water bottle (you can fill up at multiple water stations throughout the maze), wear a hat or visor, and apply plenty of sunscreen before you come!

3. Save time by buying online.

Did you know we have an entrance specifically for online ticket holders, complimentary ticket holders, Season Pass holders, and Bounce Back Pass holders? The gate is located just to the left of the main admissions building, near the end of the wooden train, and brings you right past the Guest Services building. They don’t sell any tickets (so if you need to purchase additional passes, you’ll still need to go to the main admissions building), but they will give out wristbands to guests who don’t need to exchange any money for their ticket (ie, comp passes, pass holders, online tickets, etc). This option is especially useful if you have a large group, or if you want to avoid the longer lines during our Fall season!

Purchase online tickets here.

4. Visit on a weekday.

1 football 4. Visit on a weekday.

Speaking of the longer lines, we tend to have our biggest crowds on the weekends, particularly during the Fall season. If you’re hoping to avoid a bigger crowd, plan to visit on a weekday or during the Summer season. Summer Saturdays are a bit busier than the weekdays, but are still nothing compared to the Fall Saturday crowds. The weekday to avoid? Tuesday. Since it’s our first open day of the week, many guests who are staying in Lancaster for an extended weekend choose to visit us at the end of their trip, which often results in a busier Tuesday than, say, a Thursday. Planning your trip to the farm on a non-peak day of the week/season will mean less of a chance that you have to wait in line to purchase admission, buy food, or do an activity (though the wait is never very long, even on busy days).

5. We often get Summer Camp groups during the weekdays.

We run a Summer Camp program during the Summer season weekdays (Tuesday-Friday), so you may see an influx of kids on any given weekday. The camps almost always arrive right away in the morning and usually leave between 1 and 2pm, which means that if you want to avoid the groups, your best bet is to do the corn maze first, eat lunch second, and save the Barnyard and Courtyard activities for later on in the afternoon. Again, this can reduce your chances of waiting in line or feeling “crowded” by the groups. Make no mistake, our employees are well-trained to navigate the “rush” that comes when 3-4 camp groups come to their station at one time, but some kids are so excited to be out in the country for the first time that their exuberance can get out of hand. The summer camps have made their gratitude very clear to Cherry Crest in the past few years: some of their campers have never seen farm animals up this close or even been to a place that’s so wide open! Many camp directors have said that Cherry Crest is their favorite summer time field trip, and we’re glad that we are able to offer the opportunity!

6. What not to miss.

1 slide 6. What not to miss.

So you spent more time than you planned in the corn maze, and you won’t have time to come back while you’re here in Lancaster this time around: what do you do with your remaining time, especially if there’s not much left?? Well, our most popular attractions are the Jumping Pillow, the Hay Chute Slide and Straw Bale Racer, the Giant Slinger, and the Petting Zoo/Baby Chick Hatchery. They are time-honored attractions that everybody loves and everybody can enjoy (kids and adults alike)! If you’re concerned about the educational aspect of the farm, you might want to concentrate your time in the Discovery Barn and Petting Zoo area, where we have unique displays like the Bee Barn, Corn Crib, Farm-to-Fridge timeline, and more. Our Butter-Making demonstration and Country Pig Races are also fun and educational for the whole family, so you don’t want to miss those if you can work the show times into your schedule.

Of course, there’s so much to do at Cherry Crest that you can easily spend 4-5 hours exploring our farm. We recommend that you plan to make a day of it so you can enjoy all that we offer!

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