The Ten Cornmandments

The 10 Corn-mandments

Safety is important to us here at Cherry Crest—and so is having fun! We work hard to promote a family-friendly atmosphere that is fun AND safe at the same time. Here’s your guide to staying out of trouble in the corn maze!

1. Please Walk.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Flag 1. Please Walk.

It is a working corn field after all! We go through all the pathways to pack down the dirt at the start of the season—and they get even more packed down as time goes on and more people walk them—but there are naturally going to be bumps along the way. Running through the maze can lead to trips and falls if you’re not careful, and we want everyone to stay safe. Plus, you never know who (or what) is around that corner up ahead! It’s also easy to get lost if you run ahead of your group. For all these reasons, we’ll ask you to leave the maze if we catch you running after you’ve been given a warning.

2. No Smoking.

This seems like a fairly obvious corn-mandment—you are in a cornfield, after all! It might seem like a small thing, but you’re putting everyone at risk if you choose to light up inside the maze. And we aren’t willing to take the chance, so we keep an extra close eye (and nose) out for smoke.

3. Stay on the paths.

It takes 8-10 employees two full days of mapping the maze to bring you this year’s design—so help us maintain the integrity of the image by not cutting through the corn! We know it’s tempting, especially when you can see a mailbox just on the other side of the corn-wall but can’t figure out how to get there. Resist the temptation! If you desperately want to make paths, contact our office in the spring, we’d be happy to put you to work.

No touching the corn.

It might be tempting to think, “It’s only a few ears of corn that we pulled off the stalk, what can it hurt?” But remember: you might only be here for one day, but we’re open almost 90 days this season! We need our corn to last as long as it possibly can. You might only pull a few ears off the stalk, but if a few people pull a few ears off each day that we were open, it wouldn’t take long for the corn maze to look bare and tattered. And the reason why we confiscate ears even after they’ve already been pulled off the stalk? To discourage the idea being planted in other people’s heads when they see you walking around with corn cobs.

5. Non-alcoholic drinks only.

You really want to be drinking water in the corn maze anyway. Since it’s a field, there’s not much shade in the maze, which means it gets very hot in there in the summer time. Even when we’ve made it to the cooler fall weather, you are likely going to be doing a bit of walking while you’re in there, and drinking water during any kind of exercise is important! Of course other drinks are allowed—we sell Gatorade, soda and fruit drinks during the summer, plus hot chocolate and coffee during the fall—we just ask that they be alcohol-free. We work hard to promote and maintain a family-friendly atmosphere, so we have chosen to be an alcohol-free fall fest experience!

6. Family-friendly costumes.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Spiderman 6. Family-friendly costumes.

Of course, in the weeks leading up to Halloween, many people love to venture out in costumes, and some of them come visit our corn maze! We love to see creative and fun costumes, and certainly don’t mind if you wear them. Keep in mind that there are many kids at our farm, and everybody’s definition of “scary” is a little different. Choose a family-friendly costume if you want to wear one to our farm (and if you have to ask, “Is this too scary/sexy/inappropriate?” then it probably is). Please note: Full-face and half masks are not permitted on the farm or in the corn maze.

7. Leave only your footprints.

Our cows and horses probably wouldn’t appreciate bits of trash mixed up in their winter meals! Treat our corn maze like a park or other natural place you might attend—it’s a working field, and we harvest the corn at the end of the season. We’ve place trash cans at strategic points throughout the maze, and we’d surely appreciate it if you hold onto your trash until you get to them.

8. Don’t share any maze secrets — unless you’re begged or bribed!

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Kids 8. Don’t share any maze secrets — unless you’re begged or bribed!

Nobody likes a spoiler, so keep your maze secrets to yourself unless specifically asked. A free-standing, mind-bending, life-size puzzle like our maize maze is much more fun when you have to figure it out by yourself!

9. Watch your language.

Remember—the corn has ears! And so do the kids. We’re a family-friendly business and we like to keep it that way. Everyone gets frustrated at times, but we ask you to keep the foul language to yourself. Only fowl language is allowed in this corn maze. [Sorry, the corny jokes are just TOO easy around here…]

10. Be respectful.

Our employees work hard to maintain the maze and keep it looking nice, so please respect them in your journey. They know the rules and they’re there to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time! They’re not purposely trying to ruin your fun—they just have a big job of keeping our guests safe and happy. Besides, if you’re extra nice, they just might give you some hints to find your way out!

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