5 Fun Easter Foods

5 Fun Foods to Make This Easter

Rice Crispy Flowers

Easter Foods (1)_opt Rice Crispy Flowers

These looked so fun and easy that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t even need a recipe, I just needed the photo for inspiration! However, if you don’t make rice crispy treats that often, it might be a good idea to check it out. This blog post says they used the recipe off the side of the cereal box, which sounds about right. You can also find it online. I didn’t have an egg shaped cookie cutter like the blogger did, but I figured flowers were Easter-y too!

TIPS: Be careful when melting the chocolate wafers! Only use medium heat and do it for 1-2 minutes at a time, stirring thoroughly in between. All microwaves are different, but mine usually melts chocolate easily after putting it in for 2 minutes and stirring, then 1 minute and stirring.

Bird’s Nest

Easter Foods (10)_opt Bird’s Nest

I always thought there was so much more to these than just melted chocolate! They’re so easy to make, just melt the chocolate chips (and butterscotch if you want), mix in the chow mein noodles, and use a muffin pan to shape them! Some recipes add a dry cereal like rice crispies or corn flakes for extra crunch. I used white chocolate and threw in some Heath bar toffee bits for an extra sweet flavor. They were delicious!

TIPS: There are many options for the eggs… of course the obvious answer is jelly beans, but you could also use Peanut M&Ms, malt eggs, Skittles (a weird but colorful combination), or Reese’s Pieces! Check out the Easter candy aisle in your grocery store for more ideas.

Babybel Bunnies

baby bel bunnies cherry crest easter Babybel Bunnies

I really wanted to give these a try because they were so cute! Be warned: this could potentially be quite time consuming. It took us 15-20 minutes to make three little bunnies, from start to stop (including the cutting of the carrot and celery pieces). However, the end result was as cute as I hoped! I’d recommend getting mini chocolate chips for the eyes—we tried to cut that corner by carefully cutting the tops off a normal sized chocolate chip, but it proved more difficult than helpful.

TIPS: I used baby carrots by cutting them in half instead of shaping a larger carrot. It seemed to make more sense in my head, and it definitely helped to save time! I also didn’t have a heart-shaped cookie cutter (as the blogger did), so I used a piece of baby carrot instead, and it worked great as well.

Bunny Sugar Cookies

These adorable sugar cookies are very simple! The site doesn’t have an actual sugar cookie recipe, but it’s not hard to find them on Pinterest. Or use a pre-made dough for an even quicker process! Same goes for the icing—there’s not a recipe listed but it would be easy to whip some up. Once the cookie is made, it’s a pretty simple process to make them look like bunnies. Press the pink candy in as ears, use a small black icing tube for the eyes and use white icing (with the flower tip) for a quick pom-pom tail!

TIPS: The title of the recipe calls for Good N Plenty candies as the ears, but you could also use Pink Lemonade Mike & Ikes or pink jellybeans! Another option for the eyes would be to use mini chocolate chips, instead of black icing.

Pastel Mint Patties

Easter Foods Pastel Mint Patties

The best part about these patties? They’re no-bake! I didn’t realize until I was reading through the recipe that they require no baking. It only took about 20 minutes to complete the recipe. After they stood for a day (uncovered), they were firm enough on the outside that they didn’t stick to my fingers, but still soft on the inside. And my family loved them! They’re so easy to just pop in your mouth after dinner… I just have to make sure I don’t eat too many at one time! I used raspberry extract instead of mint, but you could also use almond, vanilla, lemon, or any other flavoring that you prefer!

TIPS: Be careful mixing the food coloring in—I ended up with multi-colored finger tips, and several days later, there are still traces of the coloring on my skin! Only two or three drops are needed, unless you like really bright colors. I used McCormick’s Neon food coloring, which made the pastel colors easy to come by.

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