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"It doesn't matter if you are 2 or 102, you can have fun at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm." - Nickie Wibirt

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    May 26 - June 30
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    July 3 - Sept 8
  • Fall
    Sept 14 - Nov 3

The Amazing Maze

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The Courtyard

Baby Chicks Hatchery

Located in the Discovery Barn, make sure you take some time to hold these cute, fuzzy babies! They are always a favorite here at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, and if you're lucky, you might get to watch the chicks hatch!

Bucking Bronco

Swing a leg over this rough rider and throw your hand into the air as your partner tries to buck you off! Can you stay on as long as a rodeo rider??

CCAF Web Site

Channel your inner Spiderman and climb all over our giant "web site"!

Discovery Barn

A fun, hands on educational experience, our Farm Experience Center makes learning about farms and agriculture fun! Come meet and feed the goats, llamas, pigs and other farm animals in our Farm Experience Center. Sometimes our goat kids jump out of the pen to play with human kids, so don't miss a minute of the fun! Also check out the educational and informative displays, like the Corn Crib, the Bee Barn, and the interactive milking cow.

Discovery Barn Stage

Ever wondered how your ancestors made butter in the old days? Catch a butter-making demonstration out back on the Discovery Barn Stage! Or join us on Saturdays for our special stage shows.

Farm Experience Center

Within the Farm Experience Center, you'll find our enormous Discovery Barn! Check out our antique farm equipment display, or learn about dairy and poultry farming with our interactive displays. There's a play table for the little guys, and of course our cute little baby chicks to hold.

Farm Tour Wagon Ride

Our Farm Tour Wagon Ride is an informative 20 minute ride around the Cherry Crest Farm property. We give you the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and see our farmland and the limestone house and barn built in 1774. Learn about the history of the farm and interesting facts about agriculture and the Amazing Maize Maze.

Lil Wagon Express

All aboard! The Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Express is a short wagon ride through the cornfield. Fun for kids of all ages, and even mom and dad can ride along!

Pedal Cart Tracks

{Description}Our two pedal cart tracks offer kids of all ages the opportunity to "race" around in the corn field. Even mom and dad can join in on the fun!

Rubber Duck Race

If you ever thought about how your great-grandparents got water into the house, here's your chance to give it a try! Pick a chute and pump away, sending your rubber ducky towards the finish line. First one to the bottom wins! Just one of the many fun and interactive group activities.

Straw Bale Maze

Come challenge your brain with this mind-bending logic maze! It might seem like a piece of cake, but since you can only turn in one direction, it's harder than it looks!

The Barnyard

Barnyard Activity Tent

Fun activities include farm-themed shuffle board, giant checkers, a Piggy Tilt-a-Table, and more!

Barnyard Animal Grove

Come pet the donkey, sheep or goats in our Barnyard Animal Grove!

Barnyard Blasters

Buy a bucket of apples and shoot them through our cannons at targets! Can you hit the bulls-eye??

Additional Fee

Barnyard Jump

Our two huge pillows filled with air act just like trampolines. Have fun bouncing all day long! The Barnyard jump is for the big kids and adults, and the Barnyard Jump, Jr. is for the little guys.

Please Note: The height restriction for this attraction is state-mandated. Please check your height before jumping to ensure a safe, fun time for all!

Battle Zone

Grab your group and bring them over for a barnyard battle—think laser tag meets air-soft meets Nerf balls in this classic show-down.
Additional cost

Big Ball Corral

Play a giant game of volleyball in our Big Ball Corral!

Corny's Barnyard Ball-cade

Try your hand at sports with Barnyard Baseball, Farmer Fastball, Soccer Kick, Bushel Basketball and Field of Football! Can you score a goal or shoot some hoops?

Country Road Carts

The whole family can enjoy the Country Road Carts! Our four-seater carts are like the surreys you can ride on the Boardwalk. Race another family down the track!

Giant Slinger

Use the giant sling shots to send tennis balls flying up the hill...Hit the targets and you could win a prize! Sling shots are also for sale in the Trading Post and General Store.

Hay Chute Slide

If racing isn't your thing, slide down our giant green tube slide!

Hay Jump Tent

Our Hay Jump Tent is perfect for the little guys who want to jump around and play in a big ole’ pile of hay! With straw bales around the perimeter and a nice deep layer of soft hay, there’s bound to be endless fun!

Lil Cabin Builders

Build your very own cabin with giant Lincoln Logs!

Lil' Farmers Playland

A special area just for our smaller guests, the Lil' Farmers Playland offers an enormous Corn Bin, swings, duck races, and our own miniature village--Sproutsville!

Paint Ball Range

Get in some target practice at our Paint Ball Range—watch the colors
Additional Cost

Post Pounders

Try the classic game of strength done Cherry Crest style!

Relaxing Air Chairs

Take a break and relax in the shade!

Round Bale Racers

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a hamster in a wheel? Now you can climb into one of our giant rollers and see for yourself!

Singing Chicken Show

Come cluck along with the Barnyard Bandies in this unique sing-a-long attraction. Join Reba Mc-Egg-Tire, Patsy Coop and the gang as they sing classics like "Old McDonald had a Farm," "Home on the Range," and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

Straw Bale Hoist

Try your hand at hoisting a straw bale using a pulley system and discover how pulleys can be helpful when lifting a heavy load! The Straw Bale Hoist for teens and adults sports a 400-pound bale with a 1:1 pulley system and a 6:1 pulley system. The junior version is a 50-pound bale with a 1:1 pulley system and a 6:1 pulley system. Educational information is nearby so you can learn how a pulley works!

Straw Bale Racer

Hike up to the top of the hill, then come racing down the hill on a burlap sack. Who will reach the end first??

Straw Bale Tower

Race your way to the top for a fantastic view of the farm and surround country-side! You can actually see for miles!

Straw Bale Tunnel

See if you can find your way through our maze-like Strawbale Tunnel! Enormous straw bales form enclosed passageways and tunnels in this activity geared towards our elementary guests.

Tractor Pull

Here's your chance to try pulling a tractor, instead of the tractor pulling you! Try your hand at our 1980 International Cub Cadet 682 or grab some friends and give the 1950 Farmall Super C a try! (Hint: it weighs over 2 tons!)

Twisted Tail Rope Maker

Make your own rope you can pick the colors and Twist your way to a personal rope just for you. See how ropes were made back in the early days
Additional Cost

All activities may not be available depending on weather and crop availability.

Strasburg Rail Road

Strasburg Rail Road rainbow farm_opt Strasburg Rail Road

Catch a ride on the Strasburg Rail Road! You don't want to miss this trip through the idyllic Lancaster County countryside, in one of the only real steam engines in the country!

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